Partnering with agents to provide memories.

What are you looking for in a closing gift?  More referrals, of course.

You have one of the most important jobs on the planet.  You provide more than just a house, you provide a lifestyle. So provide more than a bottle of wine as a closing gift...provide an experience. 

Our experiences, we call them "bounces", are perfect for couples, families with kids, or singles. Your clients will bounce around town, learning about their new city, or just making memories in a city they are already familiar with. A typical bounce will take your client to three locations. But it's not in the destination, it's in the journey that we differ. A bounce is similar to a scavenger hunt. It will provide your client with puzzles and clues to get to the different locations. Clues, puzzles, and locations are tailored specifically to your clients. We take into account how well they know the area, their ages, any other information you can give us. (Are they huge sports fans?  Do the kids love Disney princesses? Or are they just looking for a relaxing date night?) 

The best part...bounces are branded with all your information, and encourage posting and tagging you on social media. We know referrals come from our sphere. There is no better way to get in front of your clients friends. Did you know the average person has 338 facebook friends. 338. You cannot buy better, more organic exposure. 

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