Full Service vs. Rally In A Box

Exactly how much work do you want to do?

Our Full Service Package is just that...Full Service. You don't have to spend hours planning the smallest detail. We handle that. And the best part...everyone can play!  Nobody sits out because they organized it and know all the puzzles. We plan and facilitate all aspects of the event. We are there the day of, start everyone off at the first location and meet you at the end location where we handle all the post event details including scoring the clues, determining the winner, and awarding the prizes. Your job is just to enjoy the evening and swap stories with other teams. This option comes with a personalized computer presentation detailing the fun, explaining the clues, and has photos and videos of your group throughout the rally. There is nothing more fun than watching a video of you and your friends performing the "tasks" at different stops. The full service option also has an "emergency" phone number in case teams are stuck and need a hint on where to go next.

The second option is the "Clues Only" package. In this package we will create the personalized clues and send them to you. It's basically a road rally in a box. The rest is up to you and your group to handle scoring, prize money, and the end of the night party. Your group will not have access to an emergency number or the presentation at the end of the event.  

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