About Rally Co.

Rally Co. is a full service Road Rally and/or Scavenger Hunt planning service. We handle all aspects of creating a Rally or Hunt customized to you and your group of friends. This is not a generic app that anyone can download, this is a game specifically tailored to you and your group. For example, are you getting married and need a rally created for a bachelor/bachelorette party...we'll prepare puzzles and clues specific to weddings. Prefer to have a rally for your child's 14th birthday party? No problem, we've got you covered with puzzles and clues that teens will understand and be able to solve and enjoy. Wait, they don't drive...no problem. We can keep it to a single location like a shopping mall or downtown area.
We also offer a smaller scale of rally called "Date Night". Check our out gift giving options to learn more about this popular option.
To learn more, or to have our team build your rally or a date night, click below and we'll be in touch asap.

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