Custom Road Rallys & Scavenger Hunts


Designed just for you. 
An intimate date night for two,
a fun family outing with clues the kids will love, 
or a big group event,
we've got you covered. 

Give the Gift of an Experience
Make Memories that Last

Whether you are looking for a small, custom tailored gift experience or a full service event with a hundred of your closest friends, we provide it all.

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Striped Envelopes
Rooftop Party
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Gift Giving/Date Nights

It's not about things, it's about experiences. Are you stumped when it comes to giving fun, creative gifts for birthdays or holidays? Do you just need a new adventure for yourself? Here it is. We'll provide a fun experience with a 3 location scavenger hunt, gift cards at every location, and wrap it up with a bow. Guaranteed to make memories.

Group Events

Grab a group of friends or coworkers and get ready to have a great time. Perfect for subdivision events, team building, fundraisers, and parties, your entire night is planned specifically for you. We handle all the planning, locations, end venue and provide support throughout the event. Or maybe you just want the clues, and you'll handle the details.  

For Realtors

Real Estate is not about the transaction, it's about the relationship. We don't sell closing gifts, we sell closing experiences. Fully branded to you, an immersive experience for a family or couple, the recognition you'll get on social media is worth its weight in gold.  

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planning rallys so you don't have to

Road Rallys vs. Scavenger Hunts

What's the difference?


Full Service vs. Rally in a Box

We work, you rally.


Coming in first used to be a ticket
to a planning headache.
Not anymore.


So did you have fun?

This event was beyond my expectations. You did a FANTASTIC job building this. I had no idea there was prize money! I'd love to do another.

Dan W.

I went from the "I don't really want to do this but I guess I will" to ... "when is the next one!!"

Heidi G.

This may have been a gift for my son, but it ended up being a gift to me as well! If you’re looking for a unique experiential gift to enjoy with your son or daughter, look no further than Rally Co.

Beth T.

This would be ideal for a staff outing, with a group of friends or a date night! ..it was so much fun! I highly recommend checking this out and booking an experience you will never forget!

Sara W.


If you don't see what you're looking for, or want to customize a package even further, contact us.


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